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สินค้าของเรา ITECH Thailand : ITECH Power Supply, Delta Power Supply, PeakTech Power Supply มีทั้ง “DC Power supply, AC Power Supply, Power Supply 2 Output , Power Supply 3 Output , Regenerator, แหล่งจ่ายไฟ 2 เอาท์พุท, แหล่งจ่ายไฟ 3 เอาท์พุท, DC Electric Load, AC Electric Load , Battery Tester, Power Meter , Source Measure Unit, Regenerative, ยานยนต์ไฟฟ้า, ระบบยานยนต์ไฟฟ้า และอื่นๆ

ITECH provides complete solutions for industries including power supply, battery, AC power supply and DC power supply for automotive electronics, EV, solar/PV inverter, semiconductor/IC, research and education, etc.

Delta Elektronika designs and manufactures DC power units since 1959. Unfortunately a power supply is seen as a minor part of any equipment and often taken for granted. For many just an electronic box ordered at the last moment. It can be compared with our heart. It’s often neglected and we tend to pay even more attention to our hair. But if the heart fails the system goes down.

PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH, based in Ahrensburg near Hamburg/Germany, has been an international partner for crafts, industry, retailers and distributors in the field of portable and stationary measuring instruments for more than 50 years. Our range of products under the brand PeakTech® includes measuring instruments for electronic sizes, environmental measurement technology, power supplies and generators.

The ITECH Model

ITECH IT2800 Series IT2801, IT2805, IT2806

ITECH IT-M3900B Series IT-M3901B-10-170, IT-M3903B-10-340, IT-M3905B-10-510, IT-M3910B-10-1020, IT-M3902B-32-80, IT-M3904B-32-160, IT-M3906B-32-240, IT-M3912B-32-480, IT-M3902B-80-40, IT-M3904B-80-80, IT-M3906B-80-120, IT-M3912B-80-240, IT-M3902B-300-20, IT-M3904B-300-40, IT-M3906B-300-60, IT-M3912B-300-120, IT-M3902B-500-12, IT-M3904B-500-24, IT-M3906B-500-36, IT-M3912B-500-72, IT-M3902B-800-8, IT-M3904B-800-16, IT-M3906B-800-24 IT-M3912B-800-48, IT-M3906B-1500-12

ITECH IT-M3900C Series IT-M3901C-10-170, IT-M3903C-10-340, IT-M3905C-10-510, IT-M3910C-10-1020, IT-M3902C-32-80, IT-M3904C-32-160, IT-M3906C-32-240, IT-M3912C-32-480, IT-M3902C-80-40, IT-M3904C-80-80, IT-M3906C-80-120, IT-M3912C-80-240, IT-M3902C-300-20, IT-M3904C-300-40, IT-M3906C-300-60, IT-M3912C-300-120, IT-M3902C-85-40SAS, IT-M3904C-85-80SAS, IT-M3906C-85-120SAS, IT-M3902C-500-12, IT-M3904C-500-24, IT-M3906C-500-36, IT-M3912C-500-72, IT-M3902C-800-8, IT-M3904C-800-16, IT-M3906C-800-24, IT-M3912C-800-48, IT-M3906C-1500-12

ITECH IT-M3400 Series IT-M3412, IT-M3422, IT-M3432, IT-M3413, IT-M3423, IT-M3433, IT-M3414, IT-M3424, IT-M3434, IT-M3415, IT-M3425, IT-M3435

ITECH IT-M3600 Series IT-M3622, IT-M3612, IT-M3613, IT-M3632, IT-M3623, IT-M3614, IT-M3633, IT-M3634, IT-M3624, IT-M3625, IT-M3615, IT-M3635

ITECH IT6000B Series IT6005B-80-150, IT6010B-80-300, IT6015B-80-450, IT6030B-80-900, IT6045B-80-1350, IT6060B-80-1800, IT6075B-80-2040, IT6090B-80-2040, IT6105B-80-2040, IT6120B-80-2040, IT6006B-300-75, IT6012B-300-150, IT6018B-300-225, IT6036B-300-450, IT6054B-300-675, IT6072B-300-900, IT6090B-300-1125, IT6108B-300-1350, IT6126B-300-1575, IT6144B-300-1800, IT6006B-500-40, IT6012B-500-80, IT6018B-500-120, IT6036B-500-240, IT6054B-500-360, IT6072B-500-480, IT6090B-500-600, IT6108B-500-720, IT6126B-500-840, IT6144B-500-960, IT6006B-800-25, IT6012B-800-50, IT6018B-800-75, IT6036B-800-150, IT6054B-800-225, IT6072B-800-300, IT6090B-800-375, IT6108B-800-450, IT6126B-800-525, IT6144B-800-600, IT6018B-1500-40, IT6036B-1500-80, IT6054B-1500-120, IT6072B-1500-160, IT6090B-1500-200, IT6108B-1500-240, IT6126B-1500-280, IT6144B-1500-320, IT6018B-2250-25, IT6036B-2250-50, IT6054B-2250-75, IT6072B-2250-100, IT6090B-2250-125, IT6108B-2250-150, IT6126B-2250-175, IT6144B-2250-200

ITECH IT6000C Series IT6005C-80-150, IT6010C-80-300, IT6015C-80-450, IT6030C-80-900, IT6045C-80-1350, IT6060C-80-1800, IT6075C-80-2040, IT6090C-80-2040, IT6105C-80-2040, IT6120C-80-2040, IT6006C-300-75, IT6012C-300-150, IT6018C-300-225, IT6036C-300-450, IT6054C-300-675, IT6072C-300-900, IT6090C-300-1125, IT6108C-300-1350, IT6126C-300-1575, IT6144C-300-1800, IT6006C-500-40, IT6012C-500-80, IT6018C-500-120, IT6036C-500-240, IT6054C-500-360, IT6072C-500-480, IT6090C-500-600, IT6108C-500-720, IT6126C-500-840, IT6144C-500-960, IT6006C-800-25, IT6012C-800-50, IT6018C-800-75, IT6036C-800-150, IT6054C-800-225, IT6072C-800-300, IT6090C-800-375, IT6108C-800-450, IT6126C-800-525, IT6144C-800-600, IT6018C-1500-40, IT6036C-1500-80, IT6054C-1500-120, IT6072C-1500-160, IT6090C-1500-200, IT6108C-1500-240, IT6126C-1500-280, IT6144C-1500-320, IT6018C-2250-25, IT6036C-2250-50, IT6054C-2250-75, IT6072C-2250-100, IT6090C-2250-125, IT6108C-2250-150, IT6126C-2250-175, IT6144C-2250-200

ITECH IT-M3900D Series IT-M3901D-10-170, IT-M3903D-10-340, IT-M3905D-10-510, IT-M3910D-10-1020, IT-M3902D-32-80, IT-M3904D-32-160, IT-M3906D-32-240, IT-M3912D-32-480, IT-M3902D-80-40, IT-M3904D-80-80, IT-M3906D-80-120, IT-M3912D-80-240, IT-M3902D-300-20, IT-M3904D-300-40, IT-M3906D-300-60, IT-M3912D-300-120, IT-M3902D-500-12, IT-M3904D-500-24, IT-M3906D-500-36, IT-M3912D-500-72, IT-M3902D-800-8, IT-M3904D-800-16, IT-M3906D-800-24, IT-M3912D-800-48, IT-M3906D-1500-12

ITECH IT6000D Series IT6005D-80-150, IT6010D-80-300, IT6015D-80-450, IT6030D-80-900, IT6045D-80-1350, IT6060D-80-1800, IT6075D-80-2040, IT6090D-80-2040, IT6105D-80-2040, IT6120D-80-2040, IT6006D-300-75, IT6012D-300-150, IT6018D-300-225, IT6036D-300-450, IT6054D-300-675, IT6072D-300-900, IT6090D-300-1125, IT6108D-300-1350, IT6126D-300-1575, IT6144D-300-1800, IT6006D-500-40, IT6012D-500-80, IT6018D-500-120, IT6036D-500-240, IT6054D-500-360, IT6072D-500-480, IT6090D-500-600, IT6108D-500-720, IT6126D-500-840, IT6144D-500-960, IT6006D-800-25, IT6012D-800-50, IT6018D-800-75, IT6036D-800-150, IT6054D-800-225, IT6072D-800-300, IT6090D-800-375, IT6108D-800-450, IT6126D-800-525, IT6144D-800-600, IT6018D-1500-40, IT6036D-1500-80, IT6054D-1500-120, IT6072D-1500-160, IT6090D-1500-200, IT6108D-1500-240, IT6126D-1500-280, IT6144D-1500-320, IT6018D-2250-25, IT6036D-2250-50, IT6054D-2250-75, IT6072D-2250-100, IT6090D-2250-125, IT6108D-2250-150, IT6126D-2250-175, IT6144D-2250-200

ITECH IT6500 Series IT6502D, IT6512, IT6512A, IT6513, IT6513A, IT6512C, IT6512D, IT6513C, IT6513D, IT6514C, IT6514D, IT6515C, IT6515D, IT6516C, IT6516D, IT6517C, IT6517D, IT6522C, IT6522D, IT6523C, IT6523D, IT6524C, IT6524D, IT6525C, IT6525D, IT6526C, IT6526D, IT6527C, IT6527D, IT6532C, IT6532D, IT6533C, IT6533D, IT6534C, IT6534D, IT6535C, IT6535D, IT6536C, IT6536D, IT6537C, IT6537D

ITECH IT-M3140 Series IT-M3141, IT-M3142, IT-M3143, IT-M3144, IT-M3145, IT-M3146, IT-M3147, IT-M3131E, IT-M3132E, IT-M3133E, IT-M3134E, IT-M3135E, IT-M3136E, IT-M3137E

ITECH IT6800A/B Series Dual-range IT6861A, IT6861B, IT6862A, IT6862B, IT6863A, IT6863B, IT6872A, IT6872B, IT6873A, IT6873B, IT6874A, IT6874B

ITECH IT6800A/B Series Single Channel IT6831A, IT6832A, IT6832B, IT6833A, IT6833B, IT6835A, IT6835B

ITECH IT6800 Series IT6821, IT6822, IT6822L, IT6823, IT6831, IT6832, IT6833, IT6834

ITECH IT6700H Series IT6722, IT6722A, IT6723, IT6723B, IT6723C, IT6723G, IT6723H, IT6724, IT6724B, IT6724C, IT6724G, IT6724H, IT6726B, IT6726C, IT6726G, IT6726V, IT6726H

ITECH IT6700 Series IT6720, IT6721

ITECH IT-N6900 Series IT-N6952, IT-N6962, IT-N6953, IT-N6963

ITECH IT-M3200 Series IT-M3253, IT-M3263, IT-M3273, IT-M3223, IT-M3233, IT-M3243

ITECH IT6400 Series IT6402, IT6411, IT6411S, IT6412, IT6412S, IT6431, IT6432, IT6432S, IT6433

ITECH IT6900A Series IT6922A, IT6932A, IT6933A, IT6942A, IT6952A, IT6953A, IT6922B, IT6932B, IT6933B, IT6942B, IT6952B, IT6953B

ITECH IT6100B Series IT6121B, IT6122B, IT6123B, IT6132B, IT6133B, IT6162B, IT6164B

ITECH IT6100 Series IT6151, IT6152, IT6153, IT6154

ITECH IT-M3100D Series IT-M3131D, IT-M3141D, IT-M3132D, IT-M3142D

ITECH IT-M3100 Series IT-M3110, IT-M3111, IT-M3112, IT-M3113, IT-M3114, IT-M3115, IT-M3120, IT-M3121, IT-M3122, IT-M3123, IT-M3124, IT-M3125

ITECH IT6300 Series IT6302, IT6322, IT6341C, IT6322A, IT6322B, IT6322C, IT6332A, IT6332B, IT6332C, IT6333A, IT6333B, IT6333C

ITECH IT7900 Series IT7902-350-10U-ATE, IT7902-350-10U, IT7904-350-20U-ATE, IT7904-350-20U, IT7905-350-30U, IT7906-350-30-ATE, IT7906-350-30, IT7906-350-90, IT7909-350-90, IT7912-350-90, IT7915-350-90, IT7930-350-180, IT7945-350-270, IT7960-350-360, IT7975-350-450, IT7990-350-540, IT79105-350-630, IT79120-350-720, IT79135-350-810, IT79150-350-900, IT79165-350-990

ITECH IT7900P Series IT79165P-350-990, IT79150P-350-900, IT79135P-350-810, IT79120P-350-720, IT79105P-350-630, IT7990P-350-540, IT7975P-350-450, IT7960P-350-360, IT7945P-350-270, IT7930P-350-180, IT7915P-350-90, IT7912P-350-90, IT7909P-350-90, IT7906P-350-90, IT7906P-350-30, IT7906P-350-30-ATE, IT7904P-350-20U, IT7904P-350-20U-ATE, IT7902P-350-10U, IT7902P-350-10U-ATE

ITECH IT-M7700 Series IT-M7700, IT-M7722D, IT-M7723D, IT-M7722L, IT-M7721L, IT-M7723E, IT-M7723, IT-M7722E, IT-M7722, IT-M7721

ITECH IT7300 Series IT7321, IT7322, IT7322T, IT7322H, IT7322HT, IT7324, IT7324T, IT7324H, IT7324HT

ITECH IT7800 Series IT7802-350-10U-ATE, IT7802-350-10U, IT7803-350-30U, IT7803J-350-30U, IT7804-350-20U-ATE, IT7804-350-20U, IT7805-350-30U, IT7806-350-30-ATE, IT7806-350-30, IT7806-350-90, IT7809-350-90, IT7812-350-90, IT7815-350-90, IT7830-350-180, IT7845-350-270, IT7860-350-360, IT7875-350-450, IT7890-350-540, IT78105-350-630, IT78120-350-720, IT78135-350-810, IT78150-350-900, IT78165-350-990

ITECH IT7600 Series IT7622, IT7624, IT7625, IT7626, IT7627, IT7628, IT7628L, IT7630, IT7632, IT7634, IT7636

ITECH IT-M3800 Series IT-M3801-10-120, IT-M3802-10-240, IT-M3803-10-360, IT-M3807-10-720, IT-M3802-32-80, IT-M3804-32-160, IT-M3806-32-240, IT-M3812-32-480, IT-M3802-80-40, IT-M3804-80-80, IT-M3806-80-120, IT-M3812-80-240, IT-M3802-300-20, IT-M3804-300-40, IT-M3806-300-60, IT-M3812-300-120, IT-M3802-500-12, IT-M3804-500-24, IT-M3806-500-36, IT-M3812-500-72, IT-M3802-800-8, IT-M3804-800-16, IT-M3806-800-24, IT-M3812-800-48, IT-M3806-1500-12

ITECH IT-M3300 Series IT-M3312, IT-M3322, IT-M3332, IT-M3313, IT-M3323, IT-M3333, IT-M3314, IT-M3324, IT-M3334, IT-M3315, IT-M3325, IT-M3335

ITECH IT8000 Series IT8005-80-150, IT8010-80-300, IT8015-80-450, IT8030-80-900, IT8045-80-1350, IT8060-80-1800, IT8075-80-2040, IT8090-80-2040, IT8105-80-2040, IT8120-80-2040, IT8006-300-75, IT8012-300-150, IT8018-300-225, IT8036-300-450, IT8054-300-675, IT8072-300-900, IT8090-300-1125, IT8108-300-1350, IT8126-300-1575, IT8144-300-1800, IT8006-500-40, IT8012-500-80, IT8018-500-120, IT8036-500-240, IT8054-500-360, IT8072-500-480, IT8090-500-600, IT8108-500-720, IT8126-500-840, IT8144-500-960, IT8006-800-25, IT8012-800-50, IT8018-800-75, IT8036-800-150, IT8054-800-225, IT8072-800-300, IT8090-800-375, IT8108-800-450, IT8126-800-525, IT8144-800-600, IT8018-1500-40, IT8036-1500-80, IT8054-1500-120, IT8072-1500-160, IT8090-1500-200, IT8108-1500-240, IT8126-1500-280, IT8144-1500-320, IT8018-2250-25, IT8036-2250-50, IT8054-2250-75, IT8072-2250-100, IT8090-2250-125, IT8108-2250-150, IT8126-2250-175, IT8144-2250-200

ITECH IT8700P+ Series IT8701P, IT8702P, IT8703P, IT8723P+, IT8732P+, IT8733P+

ITECH IT8700P Series IT8701P, IT8702P, IT8703P, IT8722P, IT8722BP, IT8723P, IT8731P, IT8732P, IT8732BP, IT8733P, IT8733BP

ITECH IT8700 Series IT8701, IT8702, IT8703, IT8722, IT8722B, IT8723, IT8731, IT8732, IT8732B, IT8733, IT8733B

ITECH IT8500G+ Series IT8511G+, IT8512G+, IT8512BG+, IT8513G+, IT8513BG+, IT8513CG+

ITECH IT8800 Series IT8811, IT8812, IT8812B, IT8812C, IT8813, IT8813B, IT8813C, IT8814, IT8814B, IT8816, IT8816B, IT8816C, IT8817, IT8817B, IT8818, IT8818B

ITECH IT8500+ Series IT8511A+, IT8511B+, IT8512A+, IT8512B+, IT8512C+, IT8512H+, IT8513A+, IT8513B+, IT8513C+, IT8514B+, IT8514C+, IT8516C+

ITECH IT8400 Series IT8406-600-150, IT8406-1200-75, IT8412-600-300, IT8412-1200-150, IT8418-600-450, IT8418-1200-225, IT8424-600-600, IT8424-1200-300, IT8430-600-750, IT7845-350-270, IT8430-1200-375, IT8436-600-900, IT8436-1200-450, IT8442-600-1050, IT8442-1200-525, IT8448-600-1200, IT8448-1200-600, IT8454-600-1350, IT8454-1200-675

ITECH IT8900A/E Series IT8902A-150-200, IT8902E-150-200, IT8904A-150-400, IT8904E-150-400, IT8906A-150-600, IT8906E-150-600, IT8912A-150-1200, IT8912E-150-1200, IT8918A-150-1800, IT8918E-150-1800, IT8924A-150-2400, IT8924E-150-2400, IT8930A-150-2400, IT8930E-150-2400, IT8936A-150-2400, IT8936E-150-2400, IT8942A-150-2400, IT8942E-150-2400, IT8948A-150-2400, IT8948E-150-2400, IT8954A-150-2400, IT8954E-150-2400, IT8902A-600-140, IT8902E-600-140, IT8904A-600-280, IT8904E-600-280, IT8906A-600-420, IT8906E-600-420, IT8912A-600-840, IT8912E-600-840, IT8918A-600-1260, IT8918E-600-1260, IT8924A-600-1680, IT8924E-600-1680, IT8930A-600-2100, IT8930E-600-2100, IT8936A-600-2400, IT8936E-600-2400, IT8942A-600-2400, IT8942E-600-2400, IT8948A-600-2400, IT8948E-600-2400, IT8954A-600-2400, IT8954E-600-2400, IT8902A-1200-80, IT8902E-1200-80, IT8904A-1200-160, IT8904E-1200-160, IT8906A-1200-240, IT8906E-1200-240, IT8912A-1200-480, IT8912E-1200-480, IT8918A-1200-720, IT8918E-1200-720, IT8924A-1200-960, IT8924E-1200-960, IT8930A-1200-1200, IT8908E-600-560, IT8908A-600-560, IT8930E-1200-1200, IT8936A-1200-1440, IT8936E-1200-1440, IT8942A-1200-1680, IT8942E-1200-1680, IT8948A-1200-1920, IT8948E-1200-1920, IT8954A-1200-2160, IT8954E-1200-2160

ITECH IT8900 Series IT8912E

ITECH IT8200 Series IT8202-350-10U-ATE, IT8202-350-10U, IT8203-350-30U, IT8204-350-20U-ATE, IT8204-350-20U, IT8205-350-30U, IT8206-350-30-ATE, IT8206-350-30, IT8206-350-90, IT8209-350-90, IT8212-350-90, IT8215-350-90, IT8230-350-180, IT8245-350-270, IT8260-350-360, IT8275-350-450, IT8290-350-540, IT82105-350-630, IT82120-350-720, IT82135-350-810, IT82150-350-900, IT82165-350-990

ITECH IT8600 Series IT8615, IT8615L, IT8616, IT8617, IT8624, IT8625, IT8626, IT8627, IT8628

ITECH IT9100 Series IT9121H, IT9121E, IT9121C, IT9121

ITECH IT5100 Series IT5101E, IT5102, IT5102E, IT5101, IT5101H

ITECH IT-N2100 Series IT-N2121, IT-N2123, IT-N2131, IT-N2133

ITECH IT8211, ITS9500, ITS5300, IT9380, SAS1000

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The Delta Elektronika Model

SM800 series : SM 7.5-80, SM 18-50, SM 70-AR-24, SM 400-AR-4

SM1500 series : SM 15-100, SM 35-45, SM 52-30, SM 52-AR-60, SM 70-22, SM 120-13, SM 300-5, SM 400-AR-8

SM3300 series : SM 18-220, SM 66-AR-110, SM 100-AR-75, SM 330-AR-22, SM 660-AR-11

SM6000 series : SM 15-400, SM 30-200, SM 45-140, SM 60-100, SM 70-90, SM 120-50, SM 300-20, SM 600-10

SM15K series : SM 500-CP-90, SM 1500-CP-30, SM 70-CP-450, SM 210-CP-150

ES150 series : ES 015-10, ES030-5, ES 075-2, ES 0300-0.45, EST 150

ES300 series : ES 030-10

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