ITECH IT-M3615 Regenerative Power System (200W, 600V, 3A)

ITECH IT-M3600 Series Regenerative Power System integrates two devices in one. It is composed of a DC power supply and a regenerative DC load, to realize bidirectional features and multi-functions. Working as DC load, it’s unique regeneration function can convert the absorbed DC power into AC power and feedback into local power grid. The DC power supply has wide auto-range to meet various testing demand. IT-M3600 combines both devices into a smart solution to make testing more convenient.

IT-M3600 series is only 1/2 1U size. The smart modular design meets customers different testing demands. Independent multi-channel functions, which support 16×16 channels of paralleling or synchronization connections. The user can freely configure each channel parameter. With battery simulation function, it’s the perfect solution for multi-channel battery charging and discharging test with independence operation.

IT-M3600 series is a product with high accuracy output and measurement, suitable for multi-pack battery test, multi-channel power supply test, products QA inspections, R&D verification testing etc.

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