ITECH IT-M3906B-32-240 Regenerative power system (32V, +/-240A, +/-6kW)

IT-M3900B regenerative power system feature two-in-one, which can be uses as a bidirectional DC power supply, and also act as an independent regenerative load. It has one-button-switch between source and load mode, a unique feature for users that work in different applications such as battery, PV energy storage, electric vehicle, green energy and ATE fields.

Models available:

  • Compact design, power up to 6kW in 1U space, power up to 12kW in 2U space
  • Voltage range: 10-1500V
  • Current range: -720A~1020A
  • Power range: +/-12kW
  • Wide range of output design, one unit can be used as multiple power supplies
  • Bidirectional energy flow between the DUT and grid, seamless switching across quadrants

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