ITECH IT5101E Battery Tester (max impedance 3 Ω)

IT5100 series (IT5101, IT5101E and IT5101H) is a series of battery internal resistance testers with high precision, high resolution and high speed. IT5100 adopts AC 4-terminal sensing, that means the tester can test internal resistance and voltage simultaneously with high precision. Resistance resolution is down to 0.1 ??, voltage resolution is 10 ?V. Combined with external USB disk, IT5101(E) is available for long-term statistics calculation, which greatly simplifies the statistics calculation process and provides convenience to quality control.

Single unit of IT5102 support 16 channels batteries measurement, master- slave connection up to max.17 sets and extension channels quantity up to 272, which greatly improves testing efficiency. From 3 ? coin size to 3000 ? large-cell batteries, IT5100 series can be widely applied in cellphone lithium batteries, electric vehicle batteries and other batteries inspection and sorting.

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