ITECH IT7805 High Power AC/DC Power Supply 350V, 30 A, 5kVA

ITECH IT7800 series of programmable AC/DC power supply, with power up to 15kVA per 3U hight, voltage ranges up to 350V L-N and 500V L-N. Users are able to increase output power up to 960kVA by configuring master-slave parallel. With intuitive LCD touch panel interface, users can be quickly familiar with the unit operation.

IT7800 series is built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator, which is able to simulate harmonics and other arbitrary waveform output. Users can choose single phase, three-phase, phase reversal, and multi-channel totally 4 output modes, with programmable output, and complete measurements, ITECH IT7800 series is designed for new energy, power electronics, research institutes etc.

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