ITECH IT8108 Regenerative DC Electronic Load (108 kW)

IT8000 series is a family of high power regenerative electronic loads with compact size. The highly integrated capability enables the e-load to simulate various e-load characteristics, and return the consumed energy back to the grid cleanly, saving costs related to energy consumption and cooling, meanwhile eco-friendly.

With modular high power density design, IT8000 provide up to 18kW in 3U space. The power is expandable up to 1152kW by master-slave parallelling and active current sharing.

If you move into application of high power UPS, storage battery, PV battery, EV, energy storage system, ITECH can help you with IT8000 series high power regenerative electronic load.

High energy regenerative efficiency.The IT8000series has a unique energy regenerative function that can regenerate electrical energy and then directly use it in the plant instead of consuming it in the form of heat. Its conversion efficiency can up to 95%, which not only will greatly reduce the user’s electricity cost, but also avoid the use of air conditioning or expensive cooling systems.

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