ITECH IT8814C 120V/240A Electronic DC load (1.5 kW)

  • The IT8800 series of loads covers power ranges from 150~55KW and customized solutions over 55KW.
  • The loads have extensive protection function. OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP.
  • They includes dynamic mode. The highest testing speed of current and voltage is 50KHZ,. Memory for 100 sets of data.
  • The current cumsumption is measured and digitized at a rate up to 50 kHz. For even higher speed a current monitor output is available. The output generates 0-10 Volt signal.
  • The loads supports external analog control as well as built-in RS232, USB and GPIB interface to make your control the instrument conveniently. Software is provided to automate test.
  • The programmable high-accuracy electronic load has a special LED mode which supports LED power drive test and programmable interface specifications to simulate LED current.

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