ITECH ITS5300 Battery Charge/Discharge Test System

ITS5300 battery charging discharging test system provides turnkey testing solution from Milliampere-grade single cell to Megawatt battery pack.

During charging-discharging life cycle test (BOL Test), it can simulate the real working condition, such as driving cycle, current pulse and self-defined waveform, to realize the comprehensive evaluation of battery life time, energy, and endurance mileage. The system is applicable to new products development, quality analysis/incoming inspection, production test and so on. Modular design provides great flexibility and independence for the test system configuration.

To meet the demand of production line testing in large quantities, ITS5300 can simultaneously test the performance of hundreds of independent battery modules/cells, greatly improving the testing efficiency and production of production line.ITS5300 also provides regenerative test solution, and the regenerative efficiency up to 95%, it solves the problem of high electricity cost caused by high power storage battery or large quantity battery module/cell test.

ITS5300 provides comprehensive protection function, not merely hardware itself has over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, anti-islanding protections, but also the system has optional functions such as emergency stop module, power-off memory function, anti-sparkling and reverse connection protection, under voltage protection etc, so as to effectively ensure the reliability of long-time operation of the system.

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