ITECH IT6411S Single Channel and bipolar DC power supply, 1.5 W, -15 V, +/-0.1 A

IT6400 is a high speed linear DC source, which provides bipolar output and four quadrant operation. This means it can operate as source and load.
The maximum output voltage of a single channel is up to ± 60 V. Maximum output current is up to ± 10 A. Maximum voltage and current depends on model number.

The unique bipolar voltage/current output means the IT6400 series can be used as a bipolar power source or a bipolar electronic load. The battery simulating function is useful for development and production testing of portable, battery-operated devices. IT6400 has ultrafast transient time of less than 50 us.

  • IT6411S is a single-channel bipolar DC source with uA setting and nA readback resolution. Maximum 1.5 W, ±15 V, ±0.1 A

PC software is available for easy operation.

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