ITECH IT-M3413 Bidirectional DC Power Supply (200W, 150V, 12A)

IT-M3400 bidirectional DC power supply integrates the features of a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative load. It keeps the advantages of
high power density and modular architecture design of M series.

It can meet the customer’s test requirement of different current and power level. Thanks to the independent multi-channel design, users can configure each channel according to the quantity and specifications of the DUT. At the same time, it has high-precision output and measurement, and has made a number of safety designs for testing, suitable for multiple test fields, such as power modules, intelligent industrial equipment, automotive electronics, charging and discharging tests of various small-capacity batteries.

Different from the traditional power supply and load, when positive and negative current switch, there will be a short jump and Incoherence.

IT-M3400 integrates bidirectional power supply and regenerative e-load in one, which is capable of achieving high-speed and seamless switching between source and sink. In this way, a fast and seamless switch between source and sink effectively avoids voltage or current overshoot, which is widely used in batteries, battery packaging, battery protection boards and other energy storage equipment testing.

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