ITECH IT-M3906C-80-120 Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply (80V, ±120A, ±6kW)

IT-M3900C is a regenerative bidirectional programmable DC power supply. It is not only a stand-alone bidirectional DC power supply but also can be used as a regenerative electronic load, to absorb the consumed energy and feedback cleanly to the grid.

The high-efficiency energy feedback not only saves power consumption and heat dissipation costs but also does not interfere with the operation of the power grid.

IT-M3900C provides high accuracy output measurement, high reliability, high safety, and abundant measurement functions. This makes IT-M3900 meet customers requirements for high accuracy automatic ATE testing. Typical applications are automotive electronics, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage, intelligent industrial equipment, battery simulation and many other.

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