ITECH IT7625 4500VA AC/DC Power supply(300V, 72A) 1 phase or 3 phase

IT7600 uses advanced digital signal processing technology to provide voltage waveforms with high precision and high stability. The AC powersupplies can not only be widely applied in household electrical appliances, power electronics, avionics, military and IEC standard test developmentand applications; but can also be applied in various processes from laboratory R&D to factory production-line test. The supplies can provide large-capacitysingle-phase or three-phase AC output and the capacity of a single unit can reach 18,000 VA; in addition, the parallel connection of power supplies canexpand the output current capacity range. Moreover, IT7600 is also equipped with the powerful harmonic analysis capability. Therefore, IT7600 is notonly a powerful AC power supply, but also a power analyzer.

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