P6035 D Digital Power Supply 0 – 30 V/0 – 2,5 A DC

Linear controlled, stabilized laboratory power supply. The 3-digit digital display enables a quick and precise reading of the set values. Furthermore, this laboratory power supply has two fixed output sockets that can output a voltage of 5 and 12 volts and a current of 500 milliamps each. The output voltage and the output current of the output sockets can be adjusted and changed at any time by the voltage and current regulator. The on / off switch, which is integrated in the front panel, ensures the safety of the user and the laboratory power supply, because the device can be switched on and off quickly at any time. Due to the short-circuit and overload protection, the PeakTech 6035 is ideal for beginners, the hobby handyman, but also for professional use.

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