ITECH IT6018C-300-225 Regenerative Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply (18kW, 300V, 225A)

The bi-directional programmable DC power supply of IT6000C series combines two functions in one: source and sink with energy regeneration.
Based on these functions, IT6000C offers the functionality of two-quadrant operation.

The regenerative capability enables the energy consumed to be fed back to the grid cleanly, saving costs from energy consumption and cooling, while not interfering with the grid.

IT6000C series provides 5 voltage grades with a maximum output voltage of 2250V. It supports master-slave paralleling with averaging current distribution, maximum output power up to 1.152MW.

Built-in waveform generator supports generating arbitrary waveforms, and import LIST files for waveforms via front panel USB port. IT6000C is the combination of high reliability, high efficient setting, safe and multiple measurement functions.

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