ITECH IT8205-350-30U Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load (350 V, 30 A, 5 kVA, 1 phase)

The IT8200 Series are regenerative AC Electronic Loads with 88% energy recovery capability. Whether in AC mode or DC mode, the power generated by the DUT can be fed back to the grid, rather than being dissipated as heat, which protects the environment and save the cost of electricity, HVAC and cooling infrastructure.

It is power regenerative capabilities saves electricity and cooling costs. AC load mode supports both rectification and non-rectification, providing CC/CR/CP/CS/CC+CR/CE operating modes. It can simulate multiple circuit topologies under CE mode such as single-phase rectification RLC Circuit and parallel RLC Circuit. IT8200 can be applied to the test of V2G, EVSE, PCS, UPS, inverter, etc.

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